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The Readiness Survey


We have found that a frequent reason that companies use not to embark on creating a comprehensive disaster recovery plan is that it is difficult to justify the expense involved. Although the need for property and liability insurance is well understood by the business community and is considered a "standard" business requirement, the need for disaster recovery planning has not yet achieved that status.

To address this need, Taylor & Associates offers a way to establish the benefits of a comprehensive DRP quickly and at relatively low cost.This survey can usually be completed within a few days. Essentially, it is an audit of the vulnerabilities of your company to disaster initiated scenarios.

The major elements of the report generated by This survey is shown below:
  • Evaluation of Existing Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Evaluation of Existing Disaster Recovery Remote Site
  • Data Protection Inadequacies
  • Power Vulnerabilities
  • Disaster Scenarios
  • Recommendations

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