Yes, it's a real storm.  Let's hope you never have to face anything like this.  But, you should be prepared.
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There are a number of plans and documents that we can prepare in order to keep your business safe.
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List of Services

Taylor & Associates has three main service products:

  1. Disaster Readiness Survey
  2. Disaster Recovery Plan Preparation
  3. Disaster Recovery Plus

The "Disaster Readiness Survey" is performed to apprise management of the exposure to risk of business interruption due to a natural or man-made disaster. You can get some idea of your risk by taking our survey.

The "Disaster Recovery Plan" is used to guide the organization through a disaster event in order to minimize the business interruption. Such a plan is critical to have in place before an unforeseen event occurs.

The Disaster Recovery Plus program is designed to safeguard your company by providing safe and secure storage of critical recovery information and procedures. Also, Taylor & Associates will provide yearly checkups to assure that the recovery plan is still realistic and that no factors have changed.

Frequently, in the midst of a Disaster Recovery planning project, unsettling discoveries are made. Often, these are situations which management requires to be rectified immediately. Since most companies do not have the necessary staff to address these situations, we at Taylor and Associates can supply the staff and expertise to address these situations and provide timely solutions.

An example of such an emergency project might be the discovery that your tape backup software is improperly configured thus rendering your Backups inadequate. At Taylor & Associates we can bring someone in to augment your staff who is a specialist in that particular area.

Working in Information Technology for the last 20 years we have developed numerous partnerships with multiple vendors. We can bring in the right person the first time rather than the "Nerd on Call" who will spend hours of your time trying to learn your unique application.

The important point is that you should call us before you need us.


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